Get the money you need without monthly payments

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It’s not a loan, it’s an investment in your home’s value

Unlock gives you cash today in exchange for a portion of your home’s future value. There are no interest charges or monthly payments and you can use the money however you want.

Use your home equity to get the money you need

The money Unlock gives you isn’t a loan, so there are:

  • No monthly payments
  • No income requirements
  • No added debt
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Find financial freedom easily with Unlock

An Unlock investment in your home allows you to avoid the rate volatility of a HELOC and is available to property owners of all ages — even those without perfect credit — unlike age-restricted reverse mortgages.

Getting started is easy

Just enter your address into the form found above to:

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How does Unlock work?


Unlock is a real estate investor.

The investment Unlock makes is not a loan. There are no monthly payments — not now, not ever. You can use the proceeds any way you want, and you continue to own your home just as you always have.

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Q. Who owns the home?


You do! Unlock secures its interest by placing a lien on the property but has no rights of occupancy and Unlock does not go on title except in rare circumstances. See the Unlock Program Guide you receive after you apply for more details.

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Q. How much can I get from Unlock?


Once you create an account, we'll provide Preliminary Terms, which summarizes your potential transaction with us, including an estimate of the maximum cash available.

See for yourself now.

In general, the maximum amount of cash available from Unlock is $500,000. The specific amount we can offer you depends on four things:

1. Your home's current value. The more your home is worth, the more cash is available.

2. Pre-existing housing debt. This includes all mortgages and credit lines secured by your home. The less housing debt you have, the more cash is available.

3. Your credit worthiness. A good credit track record may qualify for more cash.

4. The use of the property. We may be able to offer more cash for owner occupants.

Note that these factors can affect each other. For instance, an expensive home with a lot of debt may qualify for less cash than a less expensive home with no debt.

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Q. How is Unlock different from a HELOC or reverse mortgage?


Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) often have adjustable interest rates, which means your monthly payments for a HELOC can vary month-to-month. Also, HELOCs can be difficult to qualify for, depending on the requirements of the lender.

A reverse mortgage is a loan and has an interest rate which increases the balance owed regardless of the home's value. Over time it is possible for a reverse mortgage to consume all of your home equity. Reverse mortgages often have an age requirement.

An Unlock Agreement can provide a similar amount of cash as a reverse mortgage or HELOC, but is not a loan, has no monthly payments ever, has no age requirement, and the ultimate cost of the agreement is a function of the home value and how long you remain in the agreement. Unlock will also work with customers with credit scores as low as 500 and will not require income documentation for well qualified applicants.

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